"I formed Tincher Construction Company in 1982 on a foundation of craftsmanship and high quality service."

Having built furniture for many years prior to starting the company, I wanted to extend the highly individualized experience of creating a custom piece of furniture to the larger scale of a home. The process is identical, there is an assessment of needs, a design phase and a construction phase.

Houses are big, but they go together one board at a time. Each part of the house is of equal importance to us and consequently receives the same attention to detail and quality. A craftsman has the same frame of mind, whether working on the foundation or installing a fine cabinet.

Tincher Construction Company is a group of career craftsman. People who have chosen to be woodworkers. This level of commitment to the craft is fundamental to creating high quality homes. Once you are committed to the craft, then the next step is the desire to be the best. As a group, this is our goal to be the best craftsmen we can be.